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What is a webcam cover?

By using a webcam cover, the selfie camera of your phone, but also your tablet and / or laptop, can be temporarily covered. This makes it impossible for malicious parties to use it.

Is it necessary?

YES, a webcam cover is needed! In addition to creating a safe and secure feeling, a webcam cover ensures that hackers can not obtain images from you. More and more media publish articles about the dangers of webcam hacking

Our benefits

-No cheap plastic Chinese products-Thin covers of solid metal-Stylish and luxurious appearance-Easy to apply-Discrete-Suitable for laptop, tablet and smartphone-Selfie? Simply slide the slide aside!

Best sold

Check now how webcam hackers can see you

(Works with: Chrome, Firefox)

Customized Webcam covers

Looking for a unique marketing tool for your company? We offer different webcam covers that can be printed with your company logo or desired text. In addition, it is possible to deliver the webcam covers on a personalized card. Want to know more about the possibilities? Then look at our b2b page


In recent years, our society has become highly digitized. This digitization has brought us a lot of good things but has also opened the doors to a new form of crime. Digital security is therefore more important than ever. But how well are you actually protected against this form of crime? Increasingly, consumers and businesses are becoming victims of a form of digital fraud. We at Coverlab want to make you aware of this and protect you as well as possible. Our mission is to make this world a little bit safer with the specially developed products from Coverlab such as a webcam cover or RFID Sleeve.

Yes, every order is sent free of charge by letter in the Netherlands. We ask a small fee of € 0.95 from our Belgian customers. For other countries we ask a small fee of € 10.

The average delivery time of our products is 1-2 working days in the Netherlands. Belgium 2-3 working days. Other countries 4-5 working days.

You can return your order free of charge within 14 days without giving any reason.

We accept: iDeal, PayPal, Bitcoin and Bancontact / Mister Cash. Due to very high transaction costs from Paypal we ask a small fee. iDeal, Bitcoin and Bancontact / Mister Cash are completely free!

Clean the surface of the camera properly! Place the cover over the camera but not for the flash and sensor. Press for 15 seconds. Ready! Plus: if you want to use the camera, then easily slide the slide aside!

Webcam covers from Coverlab are suitable for almost all selfie cameras of a laptop, tablet and smartphone. From a Samsung to iPhone, Apple Macbook to an ACER.

Yes, at Coverlab you can also order large quantities of covers and sleeves. Knowing more? Send us an email to

Our covers only have a length of 12.5mm, a width of 7mm and are 1mm thick. This will close your laptop easily without you noticing that there is a cover on it.


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